Frizz Text’s Story Challenge: Letter C: Cooking

My older son is quite a foodie. After being served the standard dishes of Indian, Chinese (Chinese Indian) and Italian food at home, he urged me to expand my culinary horizons. So, when I heard of a cooking demonstration of French food at Toscano’s, the popular Continental restaurant, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. The chefs- Jean Micheal, Gautam and Abdul showed us how to  make Quiche, Au Gratin, Ratatouille, and chocolate mousse.

Ingredients set up for quiche
Chefs- Gautam, Jean Michael, Abdul
Preparing the fillings – Bell Pepper with Onions and Mushroom with Spinach
Fillings are ready!
Preparing the dough
Dough is ready!
Rolling out the dough
Setting in the mould
Adding the filling
Quiche is baked and ready to eat!

Chocolate Mousse:

Beating the eggs on a water bath
Melting the chocolate on the water bath
Folding the egg mix into the melted chocolate
Folding in the whipped cream
Chocolate mousse ready to serve!

The food was yummy, the quiche specially was flavourful with all the herbs. Now, all I need to do is try it out on my little guinea pigs!


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