Weekly Image of life: Colors

The word ‘colors’ evokes happy hues in one’s mind.India is a country filled with vibrant and vivid colours. There is no dearth of color on any  street- city, town or village. People dressed in a myriad of colorful attire, different vehicles in various sizes and colours and sometimes even animals (cows) and houses are painted in lively hues. There’s even a festival of colors- ‘Holi’, when people get together with their friends and families and smear coloured powder on each other .More popularly, the colors are mixed in water and using water guns the colored water is sprayed on each other.

My favourite image though is the colorful art work of my children

And my collection of favourite silk sarees:

Here’s another perspective on color.

This is a Poem written by an African kid, which won the United Nations Best Poem award in 2006…( no offence to anyone!)

 When I born, I Black,
 When I grow up, I Black,
 When I go in Sun, I Black,
 When I scared, I Black,
 When I sick, I Black,
 And when I die, I still black..

 And you White fella,

 When you born, you Pink,
 When you grow up, you White,
 When you go in Sun, you Red,
 When you cold, you Blue,
 When you scared, you Yellow,
 When you sick, you Green,
 And when you die, you Gray..

  And you calling me Colored?

You can see other’s interpretations of colors here


3 thoughts on “Weekly Image of life: Colors

  1. Every time I watch an Indian film, I’m mesmerized by the festive colors bursting every where. I am drawn to their rich culture and history. One day, I hope to see it. As for my favorite Art work, they too are works of children, particularly my son’s. I think they are filled with bright colors that shows a heart and mind that is optimistic, hopeful, happy and pure. As for the poem, I thought it was an honest version from a kid’s mind perspective. And he has a cool sense of humor too. No wonder he won. Kids don’t hide the truth. Another trait we adults can learn from. Thanks for sharing colors that is fun and vibrant. have a great weekend.

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