Dengue Diaries: Preface

The Weekend Before Diwali

Painted diyas, designer diyas, Brass diyas and plain mud diyas! I’ve acquired quite an envious collection of diyas, to my own surprise, but never ever used it. Somehow, I ve given up the custom of elaborate decoration and noise- and- light show that has now become ‘Diwali’. Or maybe I’ve become jaded or forgotten my childhood. But since last year, my younger son has been quite keen on bursting crackers for Diwali and also perhaps due to the excitement of the first Diwali in our brand new and fairly capacious house (after living for years in crammed apartments!), I decide to make this year special. My husband, J, has just returned from a 10 day business trip to the USA and the boys are excited about the week-long ‘Diwali’ holidays, making plans and schedules for play dates. We spend the weekend shopping for clothes and gadgets  – voltage converters actually; for the electronic items that we had judiciously (or so it seemed then!) brought back with us from the USA seven years back. One is badly needed for the music system that J had acquired during his student days there and still clings onto. It’s not a bad one, pretty good audio quality. But I hate those gargantuan speakers that occupy so much floor space….

By Sunday evening, I’m exhausted (nothing new!) and have developed a slight fever. I rarely fall sick and especially I’m never the first one to be sick in the family. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to see a doctor (except for those annoying but essential annual pap smears!)

An indication of worse things to come…

(This post is written in the present  for literary effect)


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