Dengue Diaries: Day 1

Monday, 24th October 2011

I wake up with a severe body ache and high fever. I’ll have to call in sick. I realise that in so many years of my employed life, I haven’t ever done so. Besides, I’m brought up and married into a family that doesn’t believe in taking leave for one’s own illness. Both my dad and husband who had/have health issues think its sacrilege to stay home and rest! They’d rather pop pills and go to work! But somehow I don’t feel like popping pills and going to work today. Teachers taking leave is highly frowned upon and I wonder if the school management will actually believe that I’m unwell, especially since the next 3 days are holidays. But I can’t worry about that now since every neuron in my body is firing pain signals to my brain.

The only consolation is that I didn’t have to wake up early to get the boys and their snack and lunch boxes ready and face questions like “Why this?” or “ Can’t you make something more yummy?”. It’s the first day of their vacation and they can’t be bothered about food! After J leaves for work, I call my doctor-sister, who lives 280 miles away, for advice. She prescribes an anti-pyretic to take thrice a day, which I do. And whether it’s the effect of the medication or the fever, I pretty much sleep the whole day .The boys are thanking their stars that no one’s admonishing them as they while away their time flitting from one gadget to another.

At the end of the day, there is some respite in the fever at least for a few hours, but the body pain continues unabated. I decide to bear it out for the night and call my sis in the morning.


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