JakePrinter’s Sunday Post: Road

A road is a way to travel between two places. We all have had our exciting road trips to various places around the world. Memorable trips on broad highways, futuristic bridges, dingy tunnels and the occasional quaint street.  But what about our daily, sometimes dreary road trips we make every day…

The day starts with our trip to work on roads hustling and bustling with people and vehicles just like this road in Washington D.C

Somewhere around noon, we need a breather to get away from the monotony of work. How about taking this road to the Himalayas for a few moments of quiet, peace and rejuvenation?

To de-stress after a long day, Memorial drive is the perfect place (which is closed to traffic on Sundays) to be. To roller blade, cycle or just stroll with friends…

And finally, at the end of the day, the road that takes us home to our families, is the most beautiful of all, like this tree-lined serene road in front of my home.

To view other’s interpreations of road, travel to  Jake’s Sunday Post

Happy Journey!


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