Dengue Diaries: Day 3

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2011

We trot as usual to the hospital in the morning, this time, with my older son A, in tow. It’s the first of the 3 day festival of Diwali. The OPD is empty and we walk right in to Dr S’s consulting room, looking again like the actress-goddess. She comments that both me and my BP and are looking better.  I ask her if I have Dengue and her reply is that there’s been no incidence of Dengue since the last 2 years (in honey-laced tones!) and it’s probably a dengue-like virus producing the same symptoms. She recommends a repeat test for the platelet count and briefly checks A’s vitals. She then prescribes an anti-pyretic, antibiotic and a blood test for him too.

The blood reports, in the evening, show a further drop in my platelet count to 54,000 while A’s is just within the normal range. As usual, I call my sis. She says I should be admitted to the hospital immediately and start on the treatment – that is intravenous administration of fluids. At the same time, J speaks to Dr S and they debate if we should wait till morning. Finally, at my sister’s insistence, they agree on the hospitalisation.

The younger one is also running temperature now. Fortunately, my mother-in-law (who’s unaware of my illness till now) decides to return from her trip to Mysore that evening. I pack my bags, wait for my MIL to come home and then my mom and J escort me to the hospital.

Did I mention that both my mother and mother-in-law live with me? Actually, my mom lives on the lower floor and my family, along with my mil live on the upper floor in the same house. This house, this new house was built with the intention for us all to stay together. It’s now about 10 months  and yes, the roof of our house is still intact!

Most people look at me in wonder or with pity when I tell them that we all live together and they ask me how I manage to do the balancing act. The credit actually goes to the two mothers! Their placid personality and years of wisdom help in maintaining the harmony. I would be lying if I said everything is hunky dory. But they both are now an integral part of our lives. THEY are the wind beneath our wings.

I set out to the hospital with a wing and a prayer while J and my mom prepare for hospital duty. The onus of looking after the two unwell children now fall on my MIL.


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