Musical Passions!

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

It is said that no man has lived if he hasn’t had a passion. It is what keeps us going, day after day, during difficult times or dreary days.

Most of us are passionate about our families, treasuring the precious moments spent with our children, parents and even extended families. These moments gain more significance as we see the canopies of our family tree thinning with time.

There are many who are also passionate about their work or hobby such as gardening or writing. Travelling and exploring a new place is another passion most of us enjoy.

But there’s another thing that I consider as a passion, which I don’t actively participate in, but has been a constant force in my life.


I was inculcated into this wonderful world at a young age by my parents. Though my attempts to learn Indian classical singing were shaky and I later regretted not pursuing it seriously, it gave me the ear to appreciate good music, no matter what language or country it came from.

I turn to music for inspiration when I’m at my wit’s end, for refuge when I ‘m down and for strength when I’m troubled.

It is also another bond that ties our family together. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my husband and I had similar taste in music. We  listen and hum to the same tunes as we drive, cook or go about our daily chores.

And I ‘m thrilled to see my kids share this passion too! Our house is filled with several musical instruments that they are learning to play and as I see their joy after they’ve perfected a tune, I know that it will also be an important part of their lives .

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4 thoughts on “Musical Passions!

  1. Music is food for the soul and to be passionate about it is one of the most beautiful qualities that anyone could ever have. Just like you, “I turn to music for inspiration when I’m at my wit’s end, for refuge when I down and for strength when I’m troubled.” Music soothes our heart aches, it sets the mood for love, happiness and serenity that we all long for. Thanks for sharing your amazing passion. Best wishes.

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