Discovery of a temple’s history

Last week, I travelled to a temple, about 3 hrs from the city, with my mom’s family. I’m not much of a temple person; the only reason to go is if the temple has a unique history or beautiful architecture. This temple, I discovered had an abundance of both.

It is located amidst  scenic rural countryside, where one could breathe fresh unpolluted air.

Like every major temple in South India, there is a water-tank known as ‘Kalyani’. This Kalyani  is a large picturesque one, which I discovered is a popular location for filming regional movies. That very day, there were artists dressed up in costume, waiting for the filming of a TV serial to begin!

The temple is situated on a hillock with 400 easily mountable stone steps winding their way up to the crest. One of the unique features of the temple is that it offers a ritual wherein one breaks coconuts on every single step leading to the summit, as a form of thanksgiving.As the youngest cousin in the family had just been married, the family had undertaken this special ritual.

Halfway up, we acquired an audience of monkeys and goats, and I discovered that while they didn’t like the pulp of the coconut, they relished the coconut water flowing down the steps.

I discovered that the temple has an interesting legend. According to this, the temple was installed by a famous character in Hindu Mythology, which would make it a few hundred thousand years old! Unbelievable, but interesting!

Documented texts though show that the temple is around 900 years old and built by one of the most revered spiritual leaders of South Indian Hindu philosophy.

The summit proffered us panoramic views of the town, with lush green fields and shadows of hills in the distance.

The entire temple is built in stone and has beautifully carved figures all around. In all, it was a trip filled with aesthetic and spiritual discoveries!

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11 thoughts on “Discovery of a temple’s history

    1. Thanks! The script is of a south Indian language called Kannada. There are about 22 official languages in India, each with its own script. Incidentally, another language Telugu follows the same script.

  1. What an amazing discovery. The temple, its legend and the amazing life and beauty around it is truly one unforgettable personal and spiritual journey. I am a fan of various cultures that celebrates their roots and takes pride and joy in their heritage. A priceless, beautiful discovery. Exciting images and fun surprises. the monkeys had me jumping with excitement. Thanks for sharing this wonderful event. Have a blessed day.

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