Dengue Diaries: In the ICU

This is a chronicle of events that happened a year ago when I suffered from dengue. You can find the previous entries here: Preface, day 1, day2, day 3, day3contd, day 4, day 4 contd

Perceptions of a reluctant Homemaker

The Daily Post has thrown a challenge to use active and passive voice in an engaging way. A year ago, I was hospitalised for dengue and here’s an account of one day in the ICU.

I was wheeled into the MICU, a huge spacious room with large glass windows and transferred onto the bed right next to the entrance, for which I was glad. Not that I wanted to escape or anything, but just in case! The nurse’s station was right in front of me and through the window across the room , I could see a Gulmohar (mayflower) tree , in full bloom, with flaming orange flowers, the only bright spot in the otherwise gloomy surrounding .  It was quite unnerving to see the other patients (about 10 in all), with a host of tubes, bandages and ventilators!

Just as I was settling in, an X- ray machine was wheeled in…

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3 thoughts on “Dengue Diaries: In the ICU

    1. I didn’t realise it then, which was probably a good thing. Only after several dengue deaths in the last year, did I realise how bad it could have been!

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