Dengue Diaries: Day 5

This is a chronicle of events that happened a year ago when I suffered from dengue. You can find the previous entries here: Preface, day 1, day2, day 3, day3contd, day 4, day 4 contd, ICU

Friday, October 28th, Day 5

Early morning, my blood sample is taken for testing. Around 8, Dr. Sanju walks in. Quite early for rounds, I think. She tells me the results are in. The counts are 8000(Normal range is 150k – 450k). I think I hear wrong and ask her to repeat it. Seeing the shock on my face, she tries to cheer me up saying, “At least, we know for sure now it’s Dengue. The blood report came positive for it. Our treatment is on the right track. So, don’t worry!”

One more round of platelet transfusion is required and my family has been notified to arrange for the donor. She says with such low levels of platelets, it isn’t wise to get out of bed as the slightest incident can cause internal bleeding and complicate things.

I still can’t believe that the counts dropped so low! It seems surreal!! I start to think that it was time for me to join my father. Perhaps he’s getting lonely up there.But then, the faces of my 2 kids float in front of my eyes, they are both down with fever still and they need me.

I suddenly remember reading about the mind control method- where one focuses and meditates on what one wants, imagine it very clearly in one’s mind- and it actually happens. Why not give it a try? I try to picture the bone marrow and will it to start producing the platelets. I keep focusing and meditating on this process for a while and start feeling much better.

My mom comes in with the entire paraphernalia- gown and mask and gloves! Her eyes, which are the only thing I see, are extremely worried and tired. She says that my sis, as soon as she had heard the news,  arranged for a car and driver and is now on her way, leaving her 4 year old daughter behind for the first time! She also tells me that my cousin, S, has come to be with her. S was to travel that day with her husband for a wedding. But, when she heard about my condition, she cancelled her trip and stayed with my mom.

J’s cousin, R who fortunately is back from his holiday, donates the platelets in the morning. At about 11am, the platelet transfusion is started again.

A CCTV is going to be arranged for the patients in the MICU to talk to their family members waiting outside.  The CCTV makes its way around the room very slowly. Of course, most patients are either unconscious or fast asleep and it’s the nurses who give their families an update on their condition. Finally, it’s my turn. I can see J and his sister on the camera.

Today, J’s sister has taken both children to their paediatrician and he’s done a complete blood test. J had been in touch with the paediatrician over the last few days, but he hadn’t seen them physically as he was on leave.  The results showed that both of them had tested positive for Dengue. Younger one’s platelet count is in the normal range while older one’s has just dropped below normal to 135k. The doctor has advised rest and plenty of fluids.

They also inform me that anticipating another donor would be required, my cousin, S has arranged for one, her husband’s friend, and he has come from the other end of town, commuting an hour and half. We’re starting to get the hang of this whole platelet donation thing now!!


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