Dengue Diaries: Day 5 contd

This is a chronicle of events that happened a year ago when I suffered from dengue. You can find the previous entries under ‘Dengue Diaries’.

A few hours after lunch, my sister walks into the ICU. My spirits soar as soon as I see her smiling face. She tells me that she has spoken to the Head of the Internal Medicine department who assured her that the right measures and precautions are being taken.

My sister is several years younger to me. I remember the time when she was born; I couldn’t wait to carry her and straddle her on my lap and rock her to sleep. Now, the roles are reversed and she’s one looking after me.

Later, the nurse draws blood from my left arm to check the counts .Within a minute; I notice a small swelling there. I point it out to her, but she brushes it off saying it will get ok and goes away to attend to some other work. A few minutes later, it’s blowing up like a balloon. I call out to the head nurse passing by and she immediately tells one of the other nurses to tie a bandage on the area tightly. It’s a hematoma, a collection of blood outside the blood vessel perhaps caused due to the low platelet count preventing the blood from clotting. The mark left by the hematoma,  a large black blob like splattered ink remains on my arm for almost a month.

At long last, Dr. Sanju comes with the results- platelet count 26,000!! My sis is with her, looking jubilant- she says now the upward trend has started and it should only get better. We ‘re all relieved. But the counts are still not in the normal range, so one more transfusion is needed and this time it’s ready!

The 7th transfusion is started and we have to wait till next morning for the result. Later in the night, I overhear that a new patient has to be brought in, but there’s no bed available. After some deliberation, it’s decided that I be moved to the Neuro ICU. I am not happy about having to move, but can’t do anything about it.

At around 11 pm, I’m transferred to the Neuro ICU, a small narrow room with just one window. There are 5 beds in a row, close to each other and I’m shifted into the second bed. The other 4 patients are all old men. It’s even gloomier in here and I’m not excited at the prospect of having to stay here.



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