Dengue Diaries: Day 7

This is a chronicle of events that happened a year ago when I suffered from dengue. You can find the previous entries under ‘Dengue Diaries’.


It’s just past midnight. We call our son, A’s paediatrician, who advises us to bring him to the Hospital, where he’s a consultant. He will inform his colleague who’s there now and reserve a bed in the paediatric ICU.

About 6 people come to lift him into the stretcher and transfer him into the ambulance. A has been sleeping peacefully all this time. As they  struggle to lift him, he wakes up startled and exclaims,” Why are so many people here?”  Then he himself climbs onto the stretcher ; I kiss him on both his cheeks and bid him goodbye. My mom arrives to keep me company as J and his sis go along to the new hospital.

Soon after they leave, the next round of SDP transfusion is set up. A little later, I feel  itchy and see rashes on my arm. I call the nurse,  she says it’s highly improbable for a SDP to cause a reaction. She gives me an anti-allergy medicine through the IV line and restarts the transfusion after a few mins. Inspite of that, I feel a flush of heat and itchiness all over; soon ,both my arms are completely covered with bright pink rashes and spreading fast. Another anti-allergic medicine is administered which relieves the symptoms slightly.  By the time the transfusion is completed, it’s 1 a.m.

Just then, I hear from J, the paediatrician has found that A’s BP is indeed low, and is monitoring his condition under fast flowing IV fluid.

In the morning,I decide to move into a single ward, and find myself in a spacious ,brightly painted blue room which has a nice view of the beautifully landscaped front yard of the hospital. I’m happy to have my own brush and shampoo! Most importantly, I have my phone to keep in touch with J.

Blood samples are taken to check the platelet counts, both A’s and mine. Mine is up to 90,000 ; A’s is down to 56,000.   We pray and hope that his won’t drop further and that he shouldn’t have to undergo the transfusions as I did.

The next blood test will tell us the course of action to be taken for him. The paediatrician confides that  he has no experience with platelet transfusion in children, but if the counts drop below 40,000, he will decide to go for it.

6 thoughts on “Dengue Diaries: Day 7

  1. Must have been so harrowing Deepa. Particularly to watch A going suffer.Just read through the entire series, had only read bits and pieces earlier. Did you keep notes through this misadventure?

    1. It was . especially the whole incident of transferring him in the middle of the night! I wrote everything down as soon as I got back from the hospital when I was recuperating !!

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