Plantation tour

We recently vacationed in the charming hills of  Chikmaglur, the birth place of coffee in India. According to legend, the first coffee plant was grown here with the seven seeds brought from West Asia by a Sufi saint, Baba Buden. There are several coffee plantations – some small; some big, each owned by individuals. We were taken to one of these estates for a plantation tour  . While I had visited a coffee plantation before, what made this special was that we got to meet the owners, 6th generation planters and  a tour of their beautiful 400 year old house.

As we entered  the 100 acre estate, our eyes fell on an ornate 400 year old chariot, lying unused and blackened with dust. The house was built in typical South Indian style with a coutryard, elegantly decorated with many artefacts such as terracota musicians , an antique vermicilli press, antique crib, and rows of colorful flowers. There was a lovely water tank in the backyard that reminded me of the temple kalyanis. Besides coffee, chilli, silver oak, pepper and oranges were also grown there.

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8 thoughts on “Plantation tour

  1. I am speechless. Such an amazing journey of adventure with stories so excitingly rich and timeless. The pictures are beautiful and makes me wish that one day, I get to see this in person.

    1. Thanks IT! I’m sure you can get to see it, all you need to book a trip to India . For that matter, I think any country rich in culture will have beautiful stories and pictures to share!

  2. Amazing stuff…. I presume the present day heirs of the estate do their best to preserve the antiquity of their home. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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