A Village celebrates!

On our holiday last week, we stopped enroute at my husband’s ancestral village. His forefathers and for a brief time, his father too had lived there. But with the entire family having embraced city life, there weren’t any family members living there anymore. The only connection remains the custom of taking the village name as the middle or last name and the occasional visit to pay respects to the family diety.

There was an unexpected crowd at the temple and we had to wait a while before we could pay our obesainces. Finally, as we were coming out of the temple premises , we heard the loud beating of drums and here’s what we saw:

It was a village festival! My husband and I pulled out our cameras and videocams , quite surprised and fascinated. There were people dressed up in colorful costumes , some wearing masks, people and children dancing and even an Elephant! I gathered that the villagers were going to install an idol of Ganesha, the elephant-God and the entire village had got together to celebrate the event.

We were thrilled that we had some unique memories to take back with us, especially since this visit was long overdue. Afterall, its not everyday that we get to be a part of our ancestral village celebration!


Weekly Image of Life: Celebration


12 thoughts on “A Village celebrates!

  1. Quite colorful. We too have the same relation to the ancestral village, the family diety. We have a colorful festival every year. Haven’t been there in the past few years. 🙂

  2. Just like you, I am also drawn into these images. Festive, colorful, vibrant. A rich display of culture and heritage, of priceless traditions and inspiring visions of faith. Your husband’s village showed a treasured celebration that is well loved by its people. My hometown also celebrates festivals like this and somehow, I do miss the excitement and joy it brings. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great week and best wishes to your family.

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