Who really benefits from tourism?

With the surge in economy and disposable income, there’s been an exponential increase in domestic tourism over the last decade. As a result, the tourism industry in India has expanded in an unregulated fashion without considering the environmental, social and cultural impacts.

I recently interviewed Aditi C, a lead member of EQUATIONS, a research and advocacy organisation that studies the impacts of tourism, particularly in terms of the rights and benefits of local communities in India.

It has just been published here:



4 thoughts on “Who really benefits from tourism?

  1. This is a problem other countries face as well, but our sheer disregard for environment AND heritage is certainly scary.. Sending study groups to countries that handle it well would be a good step – China apparently does that – but would require the appointment of a tourism minister with vision. Chiranjivi??? Hardly likely. Considering education and tourism don’t compare with petroleum, mining or telecom in the money raking department, I don’t expect to see any experienced or senior minister in charge of them anytime soon 😦

  2. You raised many good questions … I left a comment on your post and shared it on Facebook. Here’s what I wrote: When nations make a conscientious effort to ensure that local communities benefit from tourism, it creates harmonious relations and an eagerness to participate in developing this important economic resource. Where such measures are lacking, we often find exploitative practices and resentments. Great post.

    1. Thanks Eliz ! That’s sweet of you ! It is so important for us to take care of our natural resources, heritage and rights of communities – I hope our government wakes up soon!

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