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It’s Diwali here in India- the biggest festival! It’s the festival of lights and firecrackers (hopefully not too many of that!). Traditionally , houses would be adorned with plain mud lamps (diyas) lit with oil and wick.  In the last few years, the plain diyas had a makeover and were reinvented  in the form of beautiful design diyas. Though I still like to light the plain diyas, the designer diyas  also look pretty  as decorative pieces, especially when painted.

Here are a few painted by my mother-in-law, her sister and myself.

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Happy Diwali to all my Indian friends!

Island traveller’s Weekly Image of life is : Create

15 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life : Create

    1. I just did some research on Diwali. It seems like a wonderful four day festival with the celebration of life, its enjoyment and goodness. I found that each of the four days have their own tale, legend and myth to tell. Wishing you a Happy Diwali.


      1. That’s neat Francine! Yes, that’s right- a 4 day festival! The next 4 days are gonna be busy. So posted this in a bit of hurry, without too much detail! Thank you for your wishes!

  1. The world celebrates with you with excitement the beautiful and inspiring Diwali festival. Impressive Diyas made by you and your family. Intricate, artistic, colorful. It shows a heritage and tradition for rich and vibrant. The world needs to lit up, to feel hope and today, this festival just did that. Wonderful creation. Thanks and best wishes to you and your family.

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