“Time doesn’t seem to pass here; it just is” – J.R.R. Tolkein

A warm salubrious breeze ruffles our hair gently. A  hazy group of  men sit on the rocks; a young family test the waters, pondering if they should get in. No hawkers, No crowds. Except for the sound of the sea, it’s pretty quiet. The sky is grey, almost colourless, only the golden glow on the waters hinting at a sunset. A sunset here turning into a sunrise elsewhere.

As we walk towards the water, there is a sudden impulse to let go, further impelled by the excited children who jump right in. The water is warm and muddy and as our toes start to sink into the wet, soft sand; a familiar feeling sinks in, like having met a long lost friend.

A heap of shells, some whole and some broken, just like our dreams and hopes, lay washed up on the shore. Time seems to stop here as footprints of the past and present merge together. Yet, the continuous rush of the restless waves- waves that can be gentle and caressing or cold and unforgiving remind us that time is unstoppable.

And as time beckons us to continue on our journey of life and routine, we hope to return someday to the eternal, everlasting, and timeless beauty of another beach, another sunset.


Frizztext’s story Challenge : Letter T

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