Green Veggies Anyone?

Life  expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as  bacon.–  Doug  Larson

Smelled and tasted….then I could get my sons to eat these greens 🙂

My second entry for the Daily Post weekly Photo Challenge. My first entry was here.

3 thoughts on “Green Veggies Anyone?

  1. love the doug larson quote. 🙂 what is the veggie in the top photo? I love greens…but averse to the preparation required. trying to not eat out of a box…but it’s so hard!

    1. I love greens too and do make it quite often. The challenge is getting the kids to eat !
      The first photo is of a gourd- not sure which one though – I took this pic years back when we were visiting a plantation in a neighbouring state.

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