Break the Cyber Ice

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Expressing myself through writing rather than in person always came to me more easily- whether it was putting myself out there through my blog, writing personal stuff (though I don’t do that anymore , as mentioned in a previous post) or commenting through social media. In real life though, I’m rather introverted and reserved, so much so that a person ,first acquainted with my online persona , then happened to meet me, would probably wonder if he/she had met my doppelganger!!

Socialising had always been a bit of a challenge. Large parties are the ones I used to dread, as I tended to be a wallflower and usually froze and fumbled when a ‘guy’ came up to speak to me. So, ‘Breaking the ice’- meaning to attempt to become friends with someone or to initiate social interchanges and conversation was obviously not my cup of tea.

A carefree attitude that came with age changed all that – to a small extent. I still try to avoid the large parties, prefer the ones where most of the guests don’t know/ barely know each other or a small group of close friends. In fact I ‘m now quite comfortable chatting with a stranger (at a party), especially if I know there’s a rare chance I’ll see him/her again!

So, for this week’s writing challenge when the daily post asked us to break the ice with bloggers we’ve never read before- follow and leave substantive comments, I was intrigued. I’d never used the reader to find new blogs, mostly depended on recommendations of other  fellow bloggers  or occasionally through the freshly pressed page. So I decided to give it a shot considering that it was the cyber world after all- my comfort zone!  Here’s what/who I found :

  1.  Humour is a genre that I admire and generally struggle with. Very few people can write humorously and connect with their readers. So I searched under ‘Humour’ and clicked on the first blog that came up- MeditationS. Erin from  has a casual style of writing about her everyday life and is currently on a venture to put up 50 posts this November. Check out some of the titles she has planned for her upcoming posts!
  2. Being a born bookworm and lover of fiction, I decided to look for fiction blogs. I found this amazing writer,Danevon from ,who’s even been Freshly Pressed (don’t know how I missed that!) and whose blog is dedicated entirely to flash fiction. What I really liked was the simple writing style and stories inspired mostly by news articles around the world.

I had fun stumbling upon these new blogs, not knowing what really to expect and being pleasantly surprised. I’ve left my comments, though not substantive, but in my usual minimalistic style. Now, all I have to do is wait and see if the ice is broken!

Do you/ would you use the reader to find new blogs? Was it helpful? Did you have fun?

1 thought on “Break the Cyber Ice

  1. You have touched a chord here. I guess most of us have these shyness pangs and learn to deal with them some way or the other. I learnt to hide mine under a bright smile and forced chatter till one day, the smile at least came naturally!

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