The Evergreen street vendors

Street vendors are a common sight in India. You can find them in every nook and corner peddling anything from books, CDs, clothes, home and clothing accessories to vegetable and fruits. Most of them set up shop illegally and usually scuttle away at the sight of the law enforcers.

But some have made a place for themselves on the roads and in the hearts of local people. In Malleshwaram,one of the oldest areas of the city of Bangalore, one can find these vendors, come rain, sunshine or cold. Their  fresh produce , mainly fruits , vegetables and flowers ,piled up  carts, boxes and plastic tubs can put any supermarket to shame.Be prepared to haggle though and be wary that the price they quote varies depending on your attire!

For decades now, these vendors have been the pride of our city. Only time will tell though if they can continue to retain their place as the city and its people bear the brunt of change and construction in the name of development. (The city development authorities plan to reconstruct the main Malleshwaram market -not shown here- into multistoreyed building).


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