Homeless, but owns a Washing machine?


Washing machines made their entry in India around the mid 80’s giving relief to maids who until then washed clothes by beating them on a washing stone!The first washing machines were the semi-automatic ones with separate washer and dryer and was replaced many years later with the fully automatic one. Today, every middle class household in India boasts of owning a washing machine, though the poor still use the traditional method -washing by hand.

So, I was mighty surprised when I saw this lady (coming out from my sons’s basketball class), who lives in  a shack in a corner of a playground, but owns a washing machine! Times are a changing?


Frizztext’s Story Challenge : Letter W


17 thoughts on “Homeless, but owns a Washing machine?

    1. Well she’s been there for a while and it looks like a new acquisition. Whether it works or not is the question! I should find out next time I go there! 🙂

    1. Thanks Myra! I stumbled on this story here in Bangalore! I’m sure Mumbai will have many more interesting and intriguing stories, usually not visible to the foreign eye 🙂 !!

  1. Buying a washing machine is less costly than buying a house. When people have no hope of buying a house, they buy what is cheaper, what gives the impression of having a home… And may be she feels at home at this place ? Even if there is no roof, no walls,…

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