Ramblings of a wife, mother, daughter, ex-scientist and teacher(not necessarily in that order). Love reading, music, travelling and writing.

July 1st, 2012

Two important events took place in my life in the last 6 months. First, both my son and me landed in the ICU of a hospital and spent some frightening moments there. Second, I hit middle age! I hadn’t realised that until I saw the discharge summary of the hospital, which referred to me as a middle aged woman. I raged and ranted, vowing never to go back to that particular hospital. But slowly, I realised that they were not far from the truth! Anyway, the 2 events put together made me conscious about the fact that life is fragile. I made a list of all the things that I dreamt of doing, but never found the time to do it- some for myself and some for others. Some of them are meaningful and some just frivolous. But even frivolous now has an important place .As a first step; I quit my job so that I can actually start working toward achieving them.

One of them does NOT include writing a blog! The reason for this blog is to really share my thoughts and opinions (they’re not always going to be philosophical!) .And through your responses and opinions, hope to get a better perspective on my own life.For those of you wondering about the title of the blog, while I , myself have chosen to be a homemaker, I have never ever thought of myself as one and don’t believe that I have the right skills or abilities to be one and hence I call myself ‘the reluctant homemaker’.

While the above remains true and is the reason I started this blog –  a platform to vent  my thoughts about events in my life, it has slowly inadvertantly taken on a different role. I do not have a niche, I don’t know what my next post will be about. But as my tag line says, “A little bit of this, A little bit of that”, my blog is largely about what I see happening around me !!

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