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Blogging Awards!

Diana from dianajuvenille, a young talented writer nominated me for the above 3 awards, my first! Now, I have seen the awards go around, some accept them and some don’t. Each to his own, but I believe that one  should accept any gift or award, not because one deserves it but out of respect for the person awarding it. So, Diana, thanks very much! I feel truly honored.

One of the rules of the game is to tell 7 things about myself. So here goes:

  1. On my very first day of school in kindergarden, I was lost thanks to the school bus that dropped me off in a different part of the city . A Good Samaritan found me and reunited me with my mother!
  2. I’ve continued to have many more ‘mis-adventures’ in my life, which I think will make an interesting Bollywood potboiler!
  3. I’ve been fortunate to work in some of the best research institutes around the world – IISc , India ; Harvard Medical School, USA; and  MSZ, Germany. After 10 years, though I cherished the experience and loved the subject (Biology/Biotechnology), I realised it was not my calling. So, I quit and years later, I’m still trying to figure out  my purpose or calling .
  4. I love Italian food!
  5. I can speak 5 languages (4 Indian and English) fluently and a smattering of French and German.
  6. I’ve moved (changed residence) 9 times in the last 13 years!
  7. I rarely watch TV.

Next, I have to nominate 5 bloggers for the award. This is the difficult part. Most of the bloggers I follow/admire are veterans who have recieved every award there is! So, instead I’m going to name those who have been an inspiration to me in my blogging journey.

1. Madhu from The Urge to Wander – a huge inspiration and the reason I joined Wordpress.

2. Island Traveller,from thismansjourney whose inspiring posts I always look forward to!

3. The Wanderlust Gene, whose writing I admire!

4. Myra, from Gathering Books, who inspires me by her passion for books.

5. Francine in retirement   – who has some great photographs and perspective of life

6. Shaanthz from Healthcare updates who offers yummy healthy recipes.

7. Bottledworder, an amazing writer!

8. Frizztext, for his thought-provoking posts!

9. Ailsa from where’smybackpack , who has some great travel themes

10. Jake from SundayPost, who is amazing at Graphic artwork!

Those who haven’t recieved the awards before, please do pick it up!