Kids in Adult oriented places

The Daily Post’s writing challenge this week has posed a question: How do you feel about kids in adult oriented places?

The prompt for this challenge probably stems from the recent call for ban /bar of children in fancy upscale restaurants.  While we all agree that crying or ill-mannered children can be a disturbance to the bon vivants , the decision to take children to a public place should be the personal call of parents(assuming that they know what’s right for their children and themselves!).

I, myself, have dined at fancy restaurants without my children and have also given them the oppotunity of dining at the same fancy restaurant depending entirely on the occassion and/or situation.But even if certain restaurants do bar children below a certain age, it will perhaps affect about 2%of the world’s population – those who can actually afford going to such restaurants.

While this topic  may be fodder for an interesting debate, I believe there are more contentious  issues concerning children that affect a larger population globally.

1. Yesterday, I came across this article in the newspaper:

While it is shocking to say the least, child sex abuse(CSA) is an atrocity that pervades all strata of society and culture. It is not just  few isolated incidents like the one above ,but is happening all around us. According to a 2009 study, the global prevalence of CSA is 19.7% for females and 9.7% for males and about 60% of the offendors are acquaintances.(Wikipedia)

2. While some fancy restaurants do not want children as their costumers, there are others, especially in third world countries where children are hired as cleaners and waiters and are denied the basic right to education.

Image from

3. Similarly,it is common to find children in construction sites breathing dust filled air since their parents, the construction workers, migrate from one city to another in search of work  and cannot afford to put them in schools.

Image from

Even though there are laws for the rights of children and  to prevent child labor, they are still violated, most often by people in power and position. While many NGOs have worked towards creating awareness and providing help to victims, meaningful action is necessary to ensure that violators do not get away with such acts and  thereby serve as a warning to future  detractors.

4 thoughts on “Kids in Adult oriented places

  1. Thank you for putting this into perspective!!! People complaining about noisy children in restaurants or on planes are epitomizing that meme of “first world problems.”

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